Transfer My Galaxy Smartphone / Tablet

  • The First Dedicated Device that allows you to move, transfer , play and archive your Movies, Pictures, Music and Files
  • At last there is a product available that makes transferring of files, pictures, movies and documents, very simply and easily, No more cables or multiple USB Keys needed. Just one unit for all your transfer functions. everyone knows how to use a standard USB key, but now with the these revolutionary products, from IUSBU Ltd. You can at last simply plug a USB key into your PC or Mac and then simply plug into you Galaxy Tablet or Galaxy 3S/4S phone and vice versa.
  • These amazing products will transform the way you can move files, pictures, movies and music. Allowing you to simplify the accessibility to your data.
  • A-USBKEY – GT is a USB Key for Galaxy Tablets equipped with 30pin connector.
  • A-USBKEY – ST is a USB key for Galaxy and other Smartphone’s equipped with micro USB connector.
  • A-USBKEY – GT and ST includes 2 USB connectors: 1 Micro USB/30 pin connector + 1 classic USB.
  • A-USBKEY – GT and ST also allows direct Play from Video files along with all other file transfer options.
  • Can be used without downloading a special application or specific software and without an external adapter.

A-­USBKey GT (For Galaxy Tabs)

  • Compatibility:Galaxy Tab 1 (except GT-­‐P1000). Galaxy Tab 2. Galaxy Note 10.1”. PC Windows. Android. Linux
  • Features:Reading speed up to 15MB/S. Writing speed up to 5MB/S. Capacidad: 4/8/16/32/64 GB. Size: 53 x 30 x 10mm. Weight: 16g.

A-­USBKey ST (For Smartphones)

  • Compatibility:Galaxy Note/ Note 2/ Note 8. Galaxy S2/ S3/ S4. Sony Xperia, HTC One. Motorola Razr HD/ Razr Maxx HD. Archos 97 Titanium DG. And More...PC Windows/ MacOS/ Android/ Linux.
  • Features:Reading speed up to 15MB/S. Writing speed up to 5MB/S. Capacities: 4/8/16/32/64 GB. Size: 47,85x19x8,7mm. Weight: 16g.